Reuse, Renew, Rewind

Thailand has been using banana leaves as packaging containers in traditional dishes and desserts since forever. However, as times change, buying plastic has become so much more convenient and with the world buying into mass manufacturing, this is how traditional methods can get lost along the way.

Banana leaves are a resource that we have so much of in Thailand because we have prime weather conditions to grow it. It makes sense to use the resources that we do already have, rather than needing to import and produce other things that are harmful to our environment.

I wanted to educate the public in simple steps about the packaging we use to have and made a zine that had simple instructions on specific ways to make these containers.
Printed in black/white and only 4 inches tall, the zine is economical and compact so it is easy to distribute and fits right into your back pockets. The illustrative style makes the zine more approachable, so more people would be more willing to make these containers. Not only is my zine for Thai street venders, but extends beyond boarders for anyone who is willing to use these methods to reduce plastic waste. Since I wanted to make this as accessible as possible, only images are used – a way to make the zine universal.